How to Freeze Cooked Lobster Meat

There are several ways we freeze lobster meat. The simplest way is to take the meat of four chicken lobsters, cut into small pieces and place in a quart freezer container. Add a 15 ounce can of evaporated milk and this will hold the texture and flavor for many months. The thawed contents can be used to make either lobster stew or the lobster newburg casserole on our recipe page-the liquid should also be used as much of the meat's flavor will have gone into it. If you make a batch of the newburg, it will freeze up to a year without losing flavor, and we have frozen leftover lobster stew for later use also. The secret is to freeze the meat in a liquid you can later use and not discard. Call us if you have questions. Freeze some when the price is low and you can enjoy it months later during the cold winter months when prices are higher!